About Us


Background of PEKA

The Association of Bumiputra Timber Entrepreneurs Malaysia (PPKKBM) was established in 1991 by a group of Bumiputra Entrepreneur who were concerned about the Bumiputera participation in the timber industry and also to develop the association to be effective to the Bumiputra.


In the 2nd Annual General Meeting in 1994 the name was changed to Association of Malaysian Bumiputra Timber and Furniture Entrepreneurs or PEKA. The numbers of members increased gradually, and it include the timber manufacturer, exporter, logger, furniture and components maker, timber trader, jetty operator and also the professionals.


Peka role in developing the Bumiputra in the timber industry has secured the attention and the recognition of the government and the private sectors; subsequent to this PEKA was appointed as one of the Board of Directors of Malaysian Timber Industry Board (MTIB). PEKA was also appointed to a few other committees in the government and private sectors organisations to benefit the Bumiputra timber community.


In line with the current universal paradigm shift and challenging business environment, PEKA has continuously generated innovative and proactive ideas to ensure that it is always relevant to the timber industry and contribute effectively to its members. PEKA also forged closed relationship with other relevant public and private sector organisations to maintains its corporate identity.


Organisation Purpose

PEKA was established in 1991 to promote and further develop Bumiputra participation in the timber industry.  The timber industry is one of the promoted economic activities in the country, and PEKA was established to oversee and ensure that the abundant opportunities available in the timber industry are equally enjoyed by the Bumiputra entrepreneurs.


Organisation Vision

A competitive and resilient Bumiputra Timber Entreprenurs capable of meeting the challenges for the further strengthening of the timber industry.


Organisation Mission

To ensure that the Bumiputra Timber Entrepreneurs equally benefit from the opportunities in the timber industry.

Objectives of PEKA

-To champion the interests of the Bumiputera timber entrepreneurs

-To continuously communicate with the government, associations, corporations and NGOs for the benefit of the Bumiputra timber entrepreneurs

-To set up companies to run businesses for the further development of Bumiputra entrepreneurs

-To foster closer cooperation among Bumiputera timber entrepreneurs to gain economic benefits

-To collect useful information and statistics to be disseminated to PEKA members for mutual benefits

-To publish megazine and bulletin about the timber industry to be disseminated to PEKA members for mutual benefit